Your successful vacation in Vienna

Are you travelling on business and/or you are lack of time to go sightseeing? Do not miss the unique opportunity to take a short sightseeing tour (so called must-visit in Vienna!)

We recommend you to take a bus sightseeing tour and thus fulfill your must-visit program in Vienna to get acquainted with this unique city, cordially welcoming you.

Bus sightseeing tour «Red Bus City Tours»
Vienna is packed with plenty of things and attractions and to do so let us guide you through the city by offering you the most rapid and comfortable environment to experience all the most remarkable sights within 2 hours with an information of each and every provided on 23 languages.

Schönbrunn Palace
It is a former hunter’s castle and then a summer residence of Habsburg’s dynasty as well as the heart of imperial noble lifestyle. It is one of the most visited city attraction and it is included into the short must-visit program. Moreover this magical city sight is situated just within 10 min walk from the ‚Lucia‘ Hotel.
Please include into a Schonbrunn Palace tour also a visit to the Children’s museum and find out about the kind of world the emperial children lived in.

It is a remarkable partially constructed Gothic cathedral, which is well-known all over the world. A sweet name ‚Steffl‘ has been given to it by Vienna citizens and it is known as a very heart of the city and its symbol, which the entire Austria is proud of!

A Ferries Wheel
Since 1897 Prater’s park hosts a Ferris Wheel, which is considered to be one of the city symbols with its fascinating red rotating passenger cars and a breath-taking Vienna panoramic view seen by its top.

Madame Tussauds Museum in Vienna
Just opposite to the Ferris wheel there is a Madam Tussauds Museum, hosting a unique collection of wax figures of A-list celebrities and famous icons. Enjoy your visit!

It is one of the largest markets in Vienna with a splendid flowery environment, scented by a multi-cultural spirit. It is a live centre at the bustling city with an enormous variety of sweets & cookeries and snacks from all over the world. It is open daily from Monday to Saturday, however on Sundays many snack-bars also open their doors and cordially invite to savour the national cuisine dishes.


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