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Action, have fun and enjoy!

Vienna never lets you get bored. There is always much entertainment here both for children and their parents. Enjoy you time with joy and pleasure!

Vienna Museum of Technology
Museum of Technology is worth visiting not only for those, who is keen on technology. There are guided family tours, during which you may learn how the things work in an everyday life. Track for one of the most interesting museums and you may learn plenty of information about the devirting world of technologies.

Prater – Liliputbahn
A gauge light railway has been operating and carrying its passengers since 1928. Open passengers cars/locomotives are driven with a speed of 12 km/h along the main Prater’s alley within the Prater amusement part. There is much of entertainment here in the open air and both children and adult may enjoy an exciting railway trip. 

Schönbrunn Zoo
The zoo at the Park within the Schönbrunn palace area is the oldest zoo in the world, still existing in its original function. 750 species of animals are accommodated at the historical premises.
Both children and grown-ups are more than welcome to visit the Zoo. 

Oberlaa Thermal Spa Park
If you are looking either for a relaxation or an active sports and  adventures then come to the Oberlaa Thermal Spa Park. There is plenty of entertainment here at your disposal, i.e. tire slides, thermal landscapes and creative rest areas etc. 

The Children’s Museum ‘Schloss Schonbrunn Experience“
Here you can find out about the kind of world the imperial children lived in. Take a guided tour and you will learn much information about the clothes they were wearing, a kind of food they used to eat and what toys they liked to play with in imperial times. At the Children’s Museum ‘Schloss Schonbrunn Experience’ you will be brought to the entertaining world of games, exciting adventures featuring fancy dresses.  A friendly ghost Poldi of Schonbrunn Palace will be more than glad to join you at the tour and show you his very own part of the Palace!

ZOOM Children’s Museum
At ZOOM Children’s Museum children are welcome to ask questions, to touch, to feel, to explore and to play to their hearts‘ desire. At ZOOM Museum  children explore the world with all their senses and develop their skills and abilities.  Apart from interactive exhibitions, tailor shop and animated film studio, there is ‚ZOOM Ocean‘ adventure ground and play area with two levels, i.e. ‚The underwater world‘ and ‚The Ship‘ for young children from 8 months old.  

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