Vienna is imbued with a true spirit of rich culture.

Habsburg’s family and many outstanding architects and artists left their imprint in Vienna. Far back in the days the heart of cultural rich life was beaten in Vienna and so it is. Share in many cultural city activities and enjoy a variety of the latest events.

Feel the spirit of imperial Habsburg’s times and visit imperial rooms and get acquainted with a legendary Empress at Sisi Museum.

Мuseums’ Quarter (MQ)
The former stables of Rome-German Emperor at the backstage of the Inner City currently hosts one of the largest world-known cultural centers with an impressive variety of hosting events within the experimental and modern environment. It features a wide range of modern and cultural variaties from the masterpieces of modern architecture and exhibits of fashion industry up to the literature, dance and theatre collections.

Hundertwasser House
It is unique residential unit, created by the architect Friedensreich Hundertwasse. It is a true architectual masterpiece, which one is impessed by due to its colourful front-face, dancing walls and uneven floors.
In the near vicinity to the Hundertwasser House there is a Kunst Haus Wien (Vienna Art House). Visit it and find out more about the life of outstanding Viennese artist.


Belvedere Castle
The Summer residence of prince Eugene Savoisky is one of the most magnificent Baroque-styled works of art in the world. Upper Belvedere hosts one of the world-best known museum, featuring the collection of masterpieces by Egon Schile and Gustav Klimt.

It is one of the busiest museums in Austria, attracting its visitors by magnificent works of art and true masterpieces of impressionism and modern art, paying a frequent host to tailored exhibitions.

Kunst Historischer Museum (Museum of the History of Treasure)
A magic building, built by Gotfried Zemper and Karl von Hasenhauer, hosts the true masterpiece treasures by Peter Breigel, Peter Rubens, Rembrandt von Rhein and Albrecht Durer.



The rectangular parallelepiped-shaped space at the Museums’ Quarter keeps safe an eternal collection of pictures, sculptures, installations, photo-and video heritage dating back to the first half of XX century.


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