dimitrij simulevski“Karlskirche” is one of the most beautiful baroque churches in the in Central Europe that offers you the unique opportunity to experience unexpected impressions. Get to the church dome with a panoramic lift and enjoy the stunning views and the world-famous dome fresco by the Salzburg baroque painter Johann Michael Rottmayr. www.karlskirche.at

From “Karlskirche”, it is only a short hop to Karlsplatz, where you will find the entrance to the "miraculous" world of the Vienna’s sewer system. The Orson Welles alias Harry Lime chase scene from the film “The Third Man” became world-famous, and with it – the Vienna’s sewer system. Nowadays Vienna’s sewer system is the most modern wastewater system that combines technological innovation with great history. If you are interested you take a look at this mystified city under the city following the footsteps of the famous penicillin smuggler Harry Lime and learning fascinating stories and interesting facts about Vienna's underworld. www.drittemanntour.at

After so much excitement you need a sweet reward: the finest handmade chocolates and pralines are created in the “Xocolat Manufaktur”. www.xocolat.at.
If it should be something hearty and savory, I can recommend two following restaurants:

Hidden in a residential area of the 16th district there is a beautiful Fuhrwerkerhaus: the Ottakringer Landhaus offers traditional local specialties combined with exotic ideas. Seasonal offers and game specialties are also extremely delicious.

The Senhor Vinho restaurant in the 5th district is also situated a little bit off the beaten tourist path but it is a real insider’s tip: brothers Nelson and Daniel Fadista dos Santos will treat you to classical Portuguese cuisine with influences from Madeira and the Azores. There is no menu in the classic sense: the offer is brought to you by Daniel on a wooden board and is demonstrated at the table. And with a little luck you will hear the father Fadista dos Santos sing a beautiful fado at the end of your meal. www.senhorvinho.at

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